No. When you sign up for our services, we keep a copy of your insurance, your MC number, a completed W-9 form and a dispatch authorisation form. This enables T for Trucking to fill any freight broker’s starter packet and sign any freight load on your behalf.

We only engage with reputable freight brokers that we know we can trust with our business. We have standing agreements with the top load boards of each area, to make sure that we have a steady flow of business from credible sources. Our professional services have led T for Trucking to be the top choice for load boards. Load boards prefer doing business with us, rather than putting up bids for unknown carriers, making us their top choice for a carrier.

We need a few things to initiate your account with us.

1. A copy of proof of insurance.
2. Your W-9 form.
3. Your MC authority paper.
4. We also require a filled and signed Service agreement form that indicates your consent to enter into business with us.
5. A Dispatch authorization form that is filled and signed is required to indicate that you authorise T for Trucking to accept and book loads in your name.
6. A filled and signed credit/debit card authorization form to indicate that you have allowed T for Trucking to charge you for their services

Filling these forms gives us all the information we need to carry out our services seamlessly and without any complications.

Our agreement does not make you liable to accept every freight load we offer to you. If a freight load does not match your needs, you can decline the offer without any persistence on our sides. We will keep looking for the perfect fit for you and ensure all your needs are met!

If you opt for our Full Service Package, we take care of invoicing the brokers and follow your payment status, waiting for your confirmation that it has reached your bank account. There is a direct line of payment between you and the freight bookers and shippers,hence, how soon your pending payments are cleared are dependent on their vigilance.

Apart from the set of documents mentioned above, we don’t need any other agreement or contract. You are not bound by any document which means you can cancel our services with just a quick phone call.

We pride ourselves on our operations which span across the USA. You can rely on our truck dispatch services for a pick up from your house, a truck stop or anywhere in between.

You find a complete solution that meets your needs.

We are always available and pleased to help and assist you.

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